University of Alabama Sorority to Throw Massive Party Amid Pandemic

Forget your side of mashed potatoes … this Thanksgiving holiday may come with a side of COVID-19 after a University of Alabama sorority got the OK to throw a massive, booze-fueled bash before breaking for the holidays.

The Kappa Delta sorority in Tuscaloosa is getting ready to throw the rager Tuesday night at the 14-acre Black Warrior Farms largely thanks to the city council giving the event a 4-2 stamp of approval last week.

The party coordinator rationalized it this way — the 600 guests will NOT arrive all at once and instead be bussed in in 3 shifts … each shift including 200 guests. Everyone will have their temperatures taken before hopping on the chartered buses and all attendees are expected — not mandated — to wear masks at the outdoor party. Yeah, good luck with that.

The school has also reportedly required the sorority to include a 30-minute break between each group’s arrival/departure and to sanitize tables and chairs at the venue. They must also cap the bus ride capacity to 50 percent. So, multiple busses will be needed.

But, even though the event’s doing its part to implement safety protocols … the party — and the city council’s approval — is coming under fire from locals, medical workers and university employees after 76 new overnight cases.

According to local reports …. there’s been a recent spike in Tuscaloosa County, where there’s 11,886 confirmed cases and nearly 150 deaths. Worse … these students are expected to travel home for the holidays and could potentially spread the virus across the country.

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