Tyron Woodley Says He's Getting Jake Paul Tat This Weekend, Rematch Back On?

Tyron Woodley says his body will officially say “I Love Jake Paul” this weekend … revealing he is still going to follow through on his tattoo bet after losing to the YouTube boxer last month.

So, now the question is … rematch back on?!

As we previously reported, Woodley claims he tried like hell to get inked up in Cleveland after JP won via split decision … telling TMZ Sports he waited and waited, but no one was around to do the job.

Despite TW’s efforts, Jake said Woodley didn’t hold up his end of the deal and moved on from rematch talks to focus on Tommy Fury … but negotiations have gone essentially nowhere.

With Jake’s next opponent up in the air, Woodley told MMA reporter Ariel Helwani he’s STILL going to get the tat — and he thinks a rematch with Paul is still the smartest move for both sides.

“Tommy Fury should have never even been in position for the bag,” Woodley said Wednesday night.

“I’m gonna just let the week go through and see what happens. I think the most sensible thing to do is run it back.”

Woodley says he’s finally getting the tat on Saturday because “it’s the solid thing to do” … so it sounds like it’s for sure happening even if a Jake rematch isn’t in the cards.

As for the location of the tat, Tyron says he’s still not sure where to get it on his body … but it sounds like he has no plans to get it removed in the future.

“To me, it’s like this … if a dude want to pay me to whoop his ass — since he supposedly paid me and promoted the fight — then I love you!!”

Well, Jake?? How about this rematch??

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