Tyra Banks Says She’s Open To Doing A ‘Coyote Ugly’ Sequel

It looks like megastar Tyra Banks is in the mood for reboots and remakes right now. The actress just starred in and produced Life-Size 2, the sequel to the classic 2000 Disney film, and she’s already looking for her next project. While chatting with Lola Ogunnaike on People TV’s Couch Surfing, the actress shared her desire to recreate another film from the year 2000, Coyote Ugly.

The original movie starred Piper Perabo as an aspiring songwriter who leaves her small hometown with the hope of making it big in New York City. After several unsuccessful attempts to get her demo accepted by a recording studio, she’s forced to find an alternative source of income. She finds out about a local bar named Coyote Ugly and persuades the bar owner to give her a chance. Banks played the role of Zoe, another bartender at the bar.

Despite her small role in the film, Banks still seemed excited about the possibility of a second movie.

“I’m dying to do Coyote Ugly 2,” Banks said. “I want to produce it — I just need to get the rights from Mr. Jerry Bruckheimer or work with him.”

She then asked Ogunnaike who she’d like to see in the potential sequel.

“Selena Gomez,” Ogunnaike replied, which got instant approval from Banks. “Oh, Selena Gomez, that’d be good,” Banks added. “Dancing on the bar?”

The actress then went on to reveal other casting ideas.

“Maybe Lady Gaga. The owner of the bar? The badass owner,” Banks asked and answered.

Banks also suggested Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep, and Ogunnaike was super supportive of the idea, even saying Streep could possibly win another Oscar for her role in Coyote Ugly 2. And while she initially said she’d like to produce the project, Banks also hinted that she’d reprise her role.

During the interview, Banks reminisced about her audition for the original movie. She said she was asked to dance to Prince’s “Kiss” but she wasn’t aware she had to keep dancing for the entire song.

“I do about 20 seconds and they don’t turn it off,” she recalled.

“I did the whole song, and after they said ‘We were just enjoying it so much, we didn’t want to turn it off,’” she continued before bursting into laughter.


Of course, this is all just wishful thinking at the moment, but it is possible that Banks could follow through with her dream project in the future, so hopeful Coyote Ugly fans will just have to wait and see.

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