Tyler Cameron Addresses Social Distancing Backlash After Workout with Mystery Blonde

Tyler Cameron was seen working out with his younger brother Ryan, as well as a mystery blonde, and received some backlash from it!

“I’d like to address this tmz article that has people upset about social distancing. I am just like y’all and am taking this serious. There are loved ones that I miss because I can’t see them just like y’all, and even worse people still getting sick. I take these precautions…,” the 27-year-old reality star posted on Twitter. “Very seriously but you try and keep a bunch of grown folk to comply with all the rules you’re trying to set. Not the easiest of tasks. But back to the article, some neighbors were running sprints, one goes to school and plays sports with Ryan. I challenged them to some sprints…”

He added, “After our workout and we talked for a bit… from a distance. But you guys seem to like to jump to conclusions about everything without any real context so I thought I’d give y’all the context. Now going to clean my house for all the Facebook moms. Have a good day.”

Tyler has been often seen working out shirtless around his home in Florida.

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