Twitter Rips ‘Esquire’ To Shreds For Profiling A Middle-Class White ‘American Boy’ Str

We’re lucky enough to live in a time where the stories of marginalized people can easily be found, shared, and used to enlighten the masses.

So, it’s frustrating as hell when Esquire instead does a cover story about the plight of a white, middle class “American” boy trying to navigate through today’s hyper-divided society.

People had plenty of opinions about the mag’s upcoming March issue, which features a profile on a Wisconsin high school senior who can’t understand why, as a straight, white Trump supporter, his peers don’t value his opinion on subjects like feminism and LGBT rights.

The aspiring water plant worker also discussed his perceived double standard for how men and women are expected to handle physical fights, lamenting that if a girl ever hit him, he’d have to “get pummeled for about five minutes” before he could “turn around and knock her out.”

Clearly, Ryan had a story to tell. But, sadly for him, no one on social media wanted to hear it.

Twitter users blasted Esquire for highlighting a white dude and his musings about how new NFL policies are making the sport “stupid,” when it could instead be sharing new perspectives by profiling people of underrepresented communities. See some responses (below):

In response to the backlash — or in anticipation of it? — Editor-in-Chief Jay Fielden wrote a piece explaining that Ryan’s story was the first in a profile series that will focus on teens of every variety — “white, black, LGBTQ, female” (yes, even female!) — and the struggles they face growing up now.

So, don’t be mad at Ryan, y’all. It’s his Esquire-given right to be put first.

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