Tristan Thompson Narrowly Avoids Violent Fistfight At Miami Hot Spot

Tristan Thompson almost got a front-row seat to a violent street fight over the weekend … but thankfully for the NBA player, he hightailed out of the area just before the fists started to fly.

The wild scene all went down Saturday night at Papi Steak in Miami … when the former Lakers center was outside of the restaurant with the hot spot’s owner, David Grutman, and a few other men.

It’s unclear what exactly was happening on the sidewalk or what Thompson’s involvement in it all was … but check out the video, it seems some of the people at the scene were angry about something — and when Thompson sensed the apparent tension, he bolted.

“I’m gonna be in the car,” he told the group of men as he walked away. “You guys figure it out.”

The decision was clearly a good one … ’cause just a minute later, a man in a blue shirt confronted a restaurant patron as he was leaving the eatery — and then punches were thrown.

tristan thompson fight brawl

The guys traded blows right on the sidewalk for several seconds — before the scuffle was all mercifully broken up.

Thompson’s ride appeared to stay in the area during the entire fracas — though it should be noted he was never once involved in any of the action.

It was all part of an eventful weekend in South Florida for Thompson … who not only attended Lionel Messi‘s first game for Inter Miami on Friday night, but he also partied with his ex’s sister, Kim Kardashian, afterward.

kim kardashian tristan thompson

As for that interaction with Khloe‘s sibling, Thompson was asked about it before the fight broke out … though he stayed mum on it all.

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