Tori Spelling’s husband’s ex spent Xmas with them, did he pay child support?

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We’ve been ignoring Tori Spelling for a while, partly because she’s exhausting but mostly because she’s reached that “oversharing” phase of fame that so many reality stars fall into, after which there’s almost nothing to do but to ignore them. They become filler content for the big sites and some blogs, but it becomes too much work for us to continue to follow them. Plus they start to annoy us, like Jada Pinkett Smith and in this case Tori Spelling and her husband, Dean McDermott. We used to cover Tori’s non-payment of her debts and taxes, for which she’s had her assets seized and been dragged to court by multiple creditors, but I stopped caring once Dean got a podcast and started airing all their laundry. The last I paid attention, Dean owed over six figures in missed child support payments to his ex, Mary Jo Eustace, whom he unceremoniously dumped for Tori right after they adopted a baby together. However Tori and Mary Jo spent her son with Dean’s 21st birthday together back in October and they also hung out for Christmas. We know because they posted selfies together back then and again at Christmas. Dean has also talked to Mary Jo on his podcast about how they mended their relationship. I’m just going on People’s reporting for that, some of which is below.

Just two months after Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott made amends with his ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace, the group got together with their children for a post-Christmas celebration.

[Both Tori and Mary Jo shared photos of the party.]

Eustace was married to McDermott, 52, from 1993-2006 until he famously left her for Spelling — and prior to October, it had been years since they had spoken to one another.

“We hadn’t talked in over three years,” McDermott said to Eustace on an October episode of his podcast, Daddy Issues with Dean McDermott, Adam Hunter and Nicky Paris, claiming that he had blocked her phone number.

“We would get into this routine,” he said. “She’d text me something or I’d text her and we’d get into this back and forth off just being nasty to each other. And then finally I go, ‘Okay I have had enough, I am blocking you.’ “

But McDermott decided to unblock her as they prepared to celebrate their son’s 21st birthday.

“Our son Jack turned 21, so he came into town from San Francisco with some of his friends, and we went and had a lovely dinner,” he said, adding that much to his surprise, as Spelling and Eustace texted back and forth about the party, they struck up a friendship.

“Through all this it started this dialogue, and the dialogue got friendlier and friendlier,” he recalled. “Cut to Friday night at the restaurant, Tori sits down, Mary Jo is to her left, I am to the right of Tori. Tori turns her back on me the whole night, turns into Mary Jo, and that is when the lovefest began…”

Eustace went on to reveal that she had gone into that night wanting peace with the couple.

“I had made a decision before we went to the dinner that whatever happened in the past, we moved beyond it and there was no animosity,” she said. “I really just wanted to move on. Dean and Jack are getting along famously, they are getting along really great which I love. Tori and I have been dealing with each other on a different matter, and she’s been fabulous and understanding and wonderful.”

[From People]

This is the new normal for a lot of families and we just saw Brandi Glanville, Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes spending Christmas together. This makes me wonder if Dean has paid any of his back child support or if Mary Jo just let it go. The way Dean describes it makes it sounds like he blocked Mary Jo for telling him to pay what he owes. Dean’s and Mary Jo’s son, Jack, is gay and came out recently. Tori’s open support of Jack and close relationship with him may be part of the reason Mary Jo chose to mend fences. Whatever the case, Mary Jo is a better person than I would be in those circumstances.

Here’s Tori’s long ass post with a similar picture to Mary Jo, above. Of course she’s acting like she’s such a great person for getting along with her husband’s ex.

Something good came out of 2019… – 14 years ago I never thought this pic would ever happen . Society tells us ex’s can’t be friends. Society SUCKS! I truly enjoy this new friendship I’ve formed with my hubby’s ex @maryjoeustace . And, tonight we started a new blended family tradition celebrating the holidays 🎄together. Me, @imdeanmcdermott , @maryjoeustace , @thejackmonty , @liamaarocdermott , @stelladmcdermott , @lola_ace1 , Hattie, Finn, and Beau . #blendedisbest #ourfamily #2020 #mcdermottspellingeustace

Epic Night with new friends @torispelling and family. Happy Birthday @thejackmonty The Queens have arrived❤️#birthday #party #21stbirthday #love #son #mom #family #beauty #tequilla #2dayrecovery

We celebrate the Christmas 🎄 Holidays till 1st of January ( I mean I would celebrate all year round if I could) … – Took family to @santasnorthpolevillage at in DTLA. So fun! Very immersive. We loved the VR LIVE action sketch of us, pics with actual chair from The Grinch, snow & bubbles , indoor faux ice skating, bouncy castle, Santa, and gingerbread house making. This is their 1st year and we will definitely return next year.

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