Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman's Daughter Posts SUPER Rare Selfie!

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise’s children are notoriously private — which is what makes this news such a surprise!

Ordinarily, a celeb’s kid posting selfie wouldn’t be headline worthy on its own. The Instagram app is filled with faces of famous folks’ kids building their own online followings. It takes a little more to stand out these days than simply being born into a well-known family. There are some exceptions to this rule: particularly private progeny, often the children of A-listers who have grown up in a particularly harsh spotlight, like the Kidman-Cruise kids Connor and Isabella.

While Connor has posted a fair amount of pictures of himself over the years (mostly holding big fish), Bella’s social media presence has been a bit more reserved. Back in 2018, she started her clothing line BKC (for her initials, Bella Kidman Cruise). But her social page mostly features her original art and items from her store. 

But on Tuesday, the 27-year-old switched it up with an unexpected mirror selfie. She captioned the pic: 

“All that glitters is gold.. oh wait, it’s just another Instagram filter”

There’s only one other portrait of the artist on her feed (above), posted back in May with the caption “procrastination station.” That month, she also posted a faceless selfie of just the lower half of her body with the caption “quarantine uniform.”

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quarantine uniform

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Bella is still an active Scientologist, a fact which has reportedly kept her estranged from her mother. In 2018, Nicole made a rare comment about her kids with Cruise, telling WHO magazine: 

“They are adults. They are able to make their own decisions. They have made choices to be Scientologists and as a mother, it’s my job to love them.”

Last year, a leaked Scientology missive revealed Bella had become an alleged auditor, someone able to conduct interrogations of other Scientologists on the notorious “e-meters.” In the reported email, Kidman Cruise called auditing her “missing piece,” saying that the experience helped her “know without a doubt” that the Scientology “tech” really works. She wrote: 

“We all need to do this. It’s hard work. It’s a lot of effort. It’s a few melt downs and running to the bathroom to have a mini episode, but it is worth everything because you will get through. This is a gift to yourself and so many others. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t going to be an auditor or aren’t going to join staff. If you are going to make it as a being for the long run you NEED this. That’s the truth. You won’t stay Clear or OT without it. So stop messing around and get going.”

Err, we’re not sure about all that, but we’re glad she seems to be having a positive experience considering the alternative… and we hope to see more of her in the future!

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