Tink on Hitmaka Dating Rumors: ‘That’s My Special Friend’

The 27-year-old singer/rapper, whose real name is Trinity Laure’Ale Home, denies rumors about her dating Hitmaka as she reveals they are only working on music together.

AceShowbizTink has shut down romance rumors between her and Hitmaka. When asked whether she and the Chicago musician were an item, the “Treat Me Like Somebody” songstress called him her “special friend.”

“I am dating, I have special friends,” the 27-year-old singer/rapper, whose real name is Trinity Laure’Ale Home, said in an interview with WGCI. “Is that okay y’all, to have a special friend?”

When asked whether she is dating Hitmaka, who executive produced her latest album “Pillow Talk”, Tink replied, “That’s my dog.” She added, “I’m glad we mentioned Hitmaka, he is the executive producer of the album, so you know, outside of like, personal life, we put in a lot of work.”

“That’s my special friend,” the “Don’t Tell Nobody” singer further elaborated. “We are very close. We have a great business relationship and personal.”

Dating rumors aside, “Pillow Talk” consists of 16 tracks and features guest appearances from Toosii, Fabolous and G Herbo (Lil Herb). Muni Long and Layton Greene also appear on the album.

Speaking about the new project, Tink told The Hype Magazine, ” ‘Pillow Talk is a very sultry album. In the past, my albums have always been emotional. I feel like this album is a sexier approach to that same feeling.” She added, “I’m being open and honest, while giving you space to vibe and feel good.”

Tink went on to share that she draws “a lot of my inspiration from real issues or things I’m dealing with in life” for her music. She then elaborated, “When I write, I like to tell a story and really dig deep into how it makes me feel. I get inspired when I think someone is going to relate, or when I make a verse that I know is going to connect.”

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