This Is Still Going: Offset Said Words About Crashing Cardi B's Set

Everyone who thinks that this Cardi B/Offset breakup is for the attention (which is most of us) had another reason to feel that way after Offset crashed Cardi’s concert performance this weekend with a public apology. Well, since this totally is not for the attention and is purely about the love of one rapper who’s becoming more and more famous and another rapper who can’t keep it in his pants, clearly these two are going to take their drama offline and deal with their issues privately. LOL, no that’s not what they’re doing. Publicity, thy name is Stunt.

E! News is reporting that Offset has come back online to complete a weekend full of awkward apology festivities. First he apologized in video on Friday saying he was going to try to win Cardi B back and all he wanted for his birthday was her. Then he took a page out of Ross Gellar’s book and showed up at Cardi’s work place unannounced, apologizing on Saturday with a lacklustre surprise. And then he completed his sad weekend of attention-seeking on Sunday, when he tried once more to save his dying marriage.

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