These Australian Zoos Started a Toadally Awful Pun War for Valentine's Day

Love is in the air today, and nowhere is that more evident this morning than on Zoo Twitter—yes, apparently it’s a thing—where dozens of animals (fine, their social media handlers) are sending valentines to each other using their most groan-worthy puns.

From horny rhinos to dirty dingoes, zoos and wildlife parks across Australia and New Zealand have been going wild using the #VDayPunOff hashtag. Sydney, Australia’s Taronga Zoo appears to be the instigator, issuing the Valentine’s Day challenge early this morning:

Roos can be red, Peacocks shine blue, @aucklandzoo, @PerthZoo, @MelbourneZoo, @ZoosVictoria, @sandiegozoo, @WWF_Australia, @Featherdale, it’s Valentine’s Day and we challenge you! #VDayPunOff

Not long after that, the social platform was treated to a flurry of peak-Dad-Joke missives from creatures like this old timer, who tortoise what it means to be romantic:

It’s Valentine’s Day! Will you Galapago on a date with me? #VDayPunOff

Photo by @AlexCearns @ZoosVictoria @tarongazoo @WellingtonZoo @aucklandzoo @WWF_Australia

Then there was this horny guy:

Rhino someone who really likes you (it’s me) 🦏❤️️ #VDayPunOff

Some took their inspiration from old love songs…

I only Wallaby with you! #[email protected] @aucklandzoo @PerthZoo @MelbourneZoo @ZoosVictoria @ZoosSA @WellingtonZoo @WWF_Australia @Featherdale @sandiegozoo @SEALIFEAquarium @symbiozoo @NationalZoo

… others borrowed from Ariana Grande.

Thank ewe, next #VDayPunOff

Things also got amorous in the avian community:

Talk birdy to me 🐦🤭#[email protected] @WellingtonZoo @aucklandzoo @HallsGapZoo @Dreamworld_DWF @CentParklands @WWF_Australia @WWFNewZealand @NationalZoo @national_zoo @PerthZoo @TheSydneyZoo @ZoosVictoria @sandiegozoo @RBGSydney @melbaquarium @Sydney_Aquarium

Stop, you’re making me Tawny 😏 @ZooAquariumAssn #VDayPunOff

Then there were these flirty, feathered fellas:

If you’re Shingle you might not see a Cockatoo today, so here’s one from us 🤭 @WAAnimalsInc #VDayPunOff

Elsewhere, people sitting in the front row risked getting wet.

Without you I have no porpoise #VDayPunOff

Mmmm, I don’t think you’re ready for this Jelly! #VDayPunOff

Whatcha gon’ do with all that junk, all that junk inside that trunk? @Sydney_Aquarium #VDayPunOff

Some other little guys were on the shy side.

We’d get on Tinder or Bumble, but our Marmoset not to talk to strangers. #[email protected] @WWF_Australia @PerthZoo @ZoosSA @ZoosVictoria @WellingtonZoo @aucklandzoo @sandiegozoo @ZooAquariumAssn @WWFNewZealand @Sydney_Aquarium @RBGSydney @MelbourneZoo

As of this afternoon, the love is still pouring in. If you want to get in on the act, you can reply with your very own #VDayPunOff and show off your, ahem, koala-fications.

Hey baby, ready for a little koala-ty time? #VDayPunOff

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