The Tweets About How BTS’ Jungkook Looks Good In Any Outfit Are Pure Facts

Whenever a Run BTS! episode involves a fashion show, fans know it’s going to be good. For example, Episodes 29 and 30, during which BTS pieced together outfits for each other and then walked the runway, include some of the most iconic moments in Run BTS! history. Now, ARMYs can add episode 105 to that list because it’s equally as entertaining. RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook tested their fashion design skills and then gifted their final products to another member. Jin’s creation was one of the most *interesting* ones, but Jungkook pulled it off easily. These tweets about how BTS’ Jungkook looks good in any outfit are straight facts.

The episode began with BTS sewing together outfits with pieces of fabric they won by playing games. While the other guys had their eyes set on more practical items, Jin went straight for the fedora cap, feather, and fairy wings, which set up the vibe for his whole outfit by hinting at his unique creation that was about to come. Once Jin glued an image of a tiger to the fairy wings and sparkly red fabric, he couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of someone actually wearing it. "I hate it. I can’t wear this," Suga remarked.

From then on, the outfit only got more interesting. He pieced together a pair of pants that included a Hawaiian print on the top half and a sparkly golden print on the bottom half.

When it came to choosing which members would model each outfit, you could tell everyone was nervous to pick Jin’s. To make it fair, each member drew a card and then went down the line one by one to reveal whose name was on the card. There was so much anticipation and it only got more intense as they went further down the line.

Eventually, it came down to RM and Jungkook, who revealed their cards at the same time. Jungkook got Jin’s, but it seems he had nothing to worry about after all because he made the outfit look so good.

Here’s how ARMYs reacted to Jungkook wearing Jin’s outfit:

Once again, Jungkook has proven how he can rock any outfit whatsoever.

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