The Tragic Story Behind Another Round<\/i> Director Thomas Vinterberg’s Oscar Speech

Thomas Vinterberg is, at this point, a veteran in the filmmaking business, giving us The Hunt, The Celebration, and Far From the Maddening Crowd. But when he took to the stage on Sunday night to accept the Oscar for Best International Film for Another Round, the gold trophy came with a bittersweet story about how the acclaimed film was nearly derailed because of a heartbreaking loss.

Upon accepting the Academy Award, Vinterberg talked about how much he’d imagined winning the Oscar before his speech turned a bit more somber. The Mads Mikkelsen film Another Round, about four high school teachers who let go of their inhibitions by drinking a bit on the job, is one of the only comedies nominated for this year’s awards, but as Vinterberg put it, this film about learning to let go came at a time when he was out of control of his own life.

In the back half of his speech, the director opens up about the tragic circumstances that unfolded just days before the film. Vinterberg says, “Mads, you gave us your finest. Not just for the film, but for my daughter as well. And I’ll never forget that.” What Vinterberg is referencing is the death of his daughter, Ida, who passed four days into shooting for the film. In an interview with Vulture, he notes that the film was not only given the stamp of approval by Ida along the way, but it was set at her school. She was also supposed to appear in it.

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