The Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian West Feud Just Got Extremely Messy

It might be three years since the feud between Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian West erupted, but that hasn’t stopped either celebrity, or their loyal fan bases, from talking about it. Now, recent allegations about Swift’s best friend, Todrick Hall, who also served as co-executive producer for her music video, “You Need To Calm Down” has added fuel to their fiery feud.

The start of the Kim Kardashian West and Taylor Swift feud

Swift’s feud with Kardashian West’s husband, Kanye West, spans all the way back to 2009, but it wasn’t until 2016 that she and the KKW Beauty owner had beef. When West put out his song “Famous”, Swift took offense to a lyric that called her out by name. “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex Why? I made that bi*ch famous” is the line that started the feud. When Swift expressed outrage about the lyric, Kardashian West hopped on Snapchat to defend her husband.

Waiting for the official national snake day, Kardashian West posted a series of videos featuring a phone conversation between Swift and her husband. The video shows West gaining permission to say that he made Swift famous. Swift immediately hopped on Instagram to share that the phone call had been illegally recorded and sharing that West had never received permission to refer to her as a “bi*ch”. At that point, however, the damage had been done, and thousands of people began spewing hatred towards Swift, calling her a liar and demanding she be canceled.

Swift’s close friend, Todrick Hall

Though Swift has referenced the feud with Kardashian West several times in 2019, things seem to have settled down in the last month. But, new accusations have the feud bubbling up once more. Currently, Hall, who has been one of Swift’s best friends for years now, is facing allegations about abuse, lack of payment, and sexual assault. Some of the most vocal accusations are coming from Hall’s former personal assistant. Going by Tommy Italiano on Twitter, the former assistant also shared that Hall’s friendship with Swift is a lie and he only plays nice with her for clout and to improve his own career.

“Who wants to see the full video of Todrick BASHING @taylorswift13 ?! Tamar Braxtonsits in disbelief but does not comment. Todrick TRIED to bury the video,” Italiano tweeted out about an alleged video. But then he took things one step further and added that Hall told him that a ring that Swift wore in her famous “Look What You Made Me Do Video” was, in fact, Kardashian West’s stolen ring. “Also, more tea… Todrick told me that Taylor Swift wore Kim Kardashian’s stolen ring during the Look What You Made Me Do video in the bathtub,” Italiano added.

Look What You Made Me Do

If you recall, back in 2016 Kardashian West was robbed at gunpoint in her hotel room while visiting Paris. During the robbery, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians‘ star had a great deal stolen from her, including jewelry. In 2017, Swift released her music video for “Look What You Made Me Do” which was largely thought to be a jab at West and Kardashian West. In one of the scenes, Swift is in a bathtub filled with money, diamonds, and other jewels. The “False God” singer is also sporting copious rings on her fingers. Italiano alleges that Hall revealed that one of those rings was one stolen from Kardashian West.

Did Swift wear Kardashian West’s ring in the video

While Swift is known for her brilliant ability to mastermind things, we hope that this accusation is nothing more than a rumor. Deliberately purchasing stolen jewelry of Kardashian West’s that reminds her of her trauma merely to troll her would be extremely low. This is a serious accusation for Italiano to make and has the potential to not only harm Hall’s career, but also Swift’s. Let’s hope that this is nothing more than heresy and hopefully the two celebrities can put their feud to bed for good.

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