'The Pioneer Woman' Star Ree Drummond Just Recreated a Sweet Childhood Photo of Her Kids — and Fans Love It

The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond has made a name for herself through her popular blog and Food Network show. Besides creating delicious, hearty recipes for fans, she has also let fans into her home — and those who follow Drummond have watched her children grow up through the years.

Drummond’s kids were recently home for the Easter holiday, so they took it as an opportunity to recreate an adorable childhood photo. Fans couldn’t get enough of the kids’ sweet bond.

Ree Drummond has always shared her children’s lives with her fans

Since Drummond launched her blog, The Pioneer Woman, back in 2006, she’s been documenting what it’s like to be a mother to four kids. Growing up, she always featured her children on the show, which has allowed fans to keep up with Bryce and Jamar’s football careers, Alex’s marriage to Mauricio, and so on.

Drummond often becomes sentimental when talking about her kids, such as how much she enjoys visiting Bryce and Paige at college, attending Todd’s football games, or spending time with Alex when she’s visiting from Dallas. When the pandemic hit in 2020, Drummond’s kids even took over in place of her original film crew while everyone avoided public contact. It ended up adding an element to the show that fans loved.

Ree Drummond’s kids just recreated a childhood Easter photo

Over the Easter holiday, Drummond welcomed plenty of family to her house to celebrate. Of course, Paige and Bryce were home from college, and Alex returned from Texas with her new husband. Drummond saw it as the perfect opportunity to recreate an old family selfie the kids had taken several years earlier. She posted the original photo to her Instagram, complete with the updated image as well as a third image featuring Jamar, who moved in with the Drummonds a few years back; Drummond now considers him a son. Fans took to social media to express their love for the photos.

“The pookie heads are adorable, love the progression shots, that is your smile through and through,” one user wrote.

“Awe the third pic has me [sobbing],” another person said in response to the photo with Jamar.

“Gosh I remember watching you when they were little pookie heads! Time goes by so quickly,” someone else added.


What are the Food Network star’s kids up to now?

For Ree Drummond’s kids, gone are the days of waking up early to help Ladd on the ranch (well, until they come home for holidays). Today, Todd is the only Drummond child still living at home; he’s in high school and took over Bryce’s spot as the varsity quarterback after Bryce graduated. Bryce has moved on from Pawhuska for now; he’s playing football at the University of North Texas.

Speaking of Texas, Drummond’s oldest daughter, Alex, has settled down in Dallas with her new husband, Mauricio Scott, after the two tied the knot last spring. Paige, the younger daughter, attends the University of Arkansas and recently entered a new relationship. While the Drummond kids might be all over the map these days, they certainly always find time to return to the ranch.

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