The Murder of Michael Jordan's Father, Explained

Michael Jordan’s life story may not be the sole focus of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s movie “Air,” which was released in theaters on April 5, but it makes a lot of familial connections to his mom, Deloris Jordan (played by Viola Davis, and dad, James Jordan Sr. (portrayed by Julius Tennon, who’s Davis’s real-life husband). The movie recalls the true story behind Nike’s epic landmark deal with Michael and how the Air Jordan sneaker came about. However, it also depicts the all-star athlete’s close relationship with his parents, as well as his mother’s major influence on his legendary career.

Tennon as Michael’s father makes many appearances throughout “Air,” mainly alongside Davis’s character. And though the film covers a pivotal point in Michael’s life, it doesn’t include one of his life-changing moments from 1993: the murder of his father.

For those who may be wondering what led to James’s untimely death, read ahead for all the facts.

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