The Chase star Jenny Ryan booted from train by EastEnders’ Dean Gaffney

The Chase star Jenny Ryan ended up in the middle of a commotion when she was forced to move seats on a train by EastEnders’ Dean Gaffney.

The two telly stars got their signals crossed when the soap star asked Jenny to move from the carriage she had booked a seat on.

Her journey was derailed by Dean, who celebrates his 41st birthday today, so he could film a mysterious project on the train.

Jenny took to her social media platform to share how her day had gone off track: "I have just been evicted from my booked train seat in favour of Dean Gaffney. Oh, the indignity."

The TV star’s complaint about being railroaded didn’t go unnoticed, however, as Dean was quick to send a peace offering to clear the air.

She tweeted: "Sometimes a Twitter whine works – Dean has sent his apologies and a cupcake. Ta, Dean!"

Even though the quizmaster, who is also known as The Vixen, seemed appeased her fans were not impressed.

She explained what Dean was up to: "He’s got the whole bloomin’ carriage (filming something)!"

Then in a further attempt to calm down her raging fans she added later that there was no hard feelings: "Ah, it’s all okay – they needed the carriage to film something, and I’m in a nice comfy seat just two carriages down now."

"They were very apologetic and I now have a yummy cake!"

Dean, who recently cheated death in a terrifying car crash on the M25 , didn’t mention the exchange on his social media so it remains to be seen what he bumped Jenny out of her seat for.

The actor, 40, who plays Robbie Jackson in the BBC One soap, walked away unscathed after the accident in the early hours of last Friday morning.

Gaffney was said to have been travelling with a female passenger when the smash happened near Brentwood in Essex around 1am.

Police attended the scene but neither of them were hurt, according to The Sun Online .

Gaffney told the publication he’d had a "bump" in his car, adding: "There has been a crash which is why I’m driving a hire car."

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