The Cambridges’ Flop Tour will lead to fewer royal tours in the future

Something interesting: even with several huge distractions, people are still talking about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Colonialist Flop Tour. The tour went so badly that it’s likely no royal will ever do a similar kind of tour. That’s where we are now. Over the weekend, The Times ran an editorial by Janice Turner, “Royal tours are now as passé as pith helmets.” She wrote in part that “gurning princes only remind people they’re still subjects of a distant Queen…Anyway, isn’t that legacy now embarrassing for Britain, too? In a modern Commonwealth we should meet these democratic nations eye-to-eye, without colonial cosplay.”

It’s remarkable to see the royals try to adjust their frame of reference from “I thought the natives loved carrying us on our thrones” to “well, if they don’t like our colonialist cosplay, then we’ll never visit them again.” Like, there’s seriously not a discussion of “we could just visit our friendly allies without the colonialist cosplay.” They’ve just gone straight to “we’ll take our colonialist toys and LEAVE, it’s clear we’re not wanted!” Speaking of:

Members of the Royal Family will do less tours overseas and focus on places where they feel they can make a real difference, a royal commentator has said. The future of the monarchy and the Commonwealth has come under scrutiny in recent weeks after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s tour of the Caribbean. In the wake of the criticism over the ‘colonial-era’ optics of their tour, many have called for an end to similar overseas trips by members of the royal family.

Sunday Times Royal Editor Roya Nikkhah believes the tour ignited a rethink of how the royal family plans overseas visits in the future. Speaking on the BBC’s Radio 4 Today programme, she said: ‘I think it definitely will [spark a rethink] and to be honest I think that rethink had started before this tour got underway because I know that William thought long and hard about how to approach certain things. There have obviously been a few missteps. We had that extraordinary statement from him on Saturday night setting out the fact that he takes that on the chin and he wants to sort of look at things differently.’

Asked if she felt there would be fewer trips overseas in the future, she added: ‘I think that’s definitely right and that’s very much a legacy I suppose of the Queen who has been head of the commonwealth for so long and is the biggest, most travelled monarch of the modern age. I think we will see fewer tours, to places where I think probably the younger royals feel they can have more impact and it’s not just a case of going there because they feel they have to.’

[From The Daily Mail]

“I think we will see fewer tours, to places where I think probably the younger royals feel they can have more impact…” I’d be curious to know which “places” William and Kate will choose to “have more impact.” I suspect that none of those places will be communities of color, don’t you? We can’t have Kate recoiling from Black folks again, or being forced to interact with anyone darker than Pippa’s shade of orange.

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