‘Teen Mom OG’: Catelynn Cries When Tyler Moves Out To Start Their Trial Separation

This week’s ‘Teen Mom OG’ was packed with epic moments. Not only did Catelynn and Tyler start their separation, but Maci admitted she’ll always love Ryan, and Cheyenne had sex with Cory!

The Dec. 17 season finale of Teen Mom OG was jam-packed with so many epic moments! For starters, Catelynn and Tyler finally started their trail separation. But it was only because Catelynn pushed for it. She surely didn’t want the separation, however, she became extremely frustrated over the fact that Tyler kept putting it off and she was already nearly 30 weeks pregnant. He was waiting for their new house to get finished before moving in, but Catelynn didn’t want to wait any longer. So after visiting Amber (we’ll get to that later), she pressured him into finally starting their separation. And he wasn’t happy about her negativity over it, so he stormed out and left her in tears.

Maci also broke down in tears this week during a tense meeting with Ryan‘s parents, Jen and Larry. After Maci learned Ryan would be coming home soon, after completing 90 days in rehab, she and his parents met up to discuss how they could all move forward in a positive way. Jen told Maci that Ryan was really sorry for a lot that he had done to her and he feels like he’s more of an uncle to Bentley, than his actual dad. That broke Maci’s heart — while she acknowledged that Ryan made all the bad decisions, she noted that they were likely caused by his addiction. Maci then told Ryan’s parents that she’ll always have love for them AND Ryan as she wiped tears from her eyes.

Meanwhile, Amber admitted to wanting to kill herself when she told her cousin that she recently waited for Andrew and baby James to go to sleep so she could commit suicide. Fortunately, Andrew sensed something and didn’t fully fall asleep. But because Amber was still fighting some tough feelings, Catelynn flew out to visit her and offer some comfort. Then, Amber told the producers that she didn’t want to film anymore since she didn’t feel they were interested in telling her real story. Instead, she felt they were wanting her to be a “villain”. (Sounds familiar, eh?)

In other Teen Mom OG news, Cheyenne and Cory had sex on the 1-year anniversary of him finding out he’s Ryder‘s dad, and Bristol sought advice from a PTSD counselor in hopes of understanding Dakota better.

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