SZA’s Dad Blasts Doja Cat for Monopolizing the Award Speech Acceptance at the VMAs

At the award-giving event which took place on Monday, September 12, SZA and Doja Cat were announced as the winner of Best Collaboration for their song ‘Kiss Me More’.

AceShowbizSZA‘s dad was not happy with how Doja Cat appeared to monopolize the award speech acceptance at the 2021 MTV Music Video Awards. At the award-giving event, SZA and Doja Cat took home Best Collaboration award for their song “Kiss Me More”, but SZA’s dad slammed his daughter’s collaborator for not letting her speak.

In an Instagram post, SZA’s dad called Doja “unprofessional.” Alongside a picture of the two stars taking on the stage to accept the award, SZA’s dad wrote, “That was some unprofessional pettiness @Doja Cat.”

Some fans agreed with him. “I was really waiting for her to pass the mic to her at some point but she never did,” one person said. “I agree with him, she should have let her said something,” a user commented. “Like girl you’re hosting step to the side let sis speak tf,” an angry fan ranted.

However, some fans thought Doja didn’t intentionally monopolized the speech. One person noted, “It’s giving caught up in the moment. And secretly I think I’m the bigger star. But idk either of them to say what it really was about.” Another user added, “She was probably just caught up in the moment and didn’t mean anything by it,” while one other comment read, “i don’t think she was being petty.”

That aside, SZA was seemingly denied entry for the red carpet for the 2021 MTV VMAs on Sunday night, September 12. She took to her Instagram account to share a picture of the entrance gate of Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York City which was already closed upon her arrival.

“They closed the red carpet,” the “Love Galore” singer wrote over the picture. “Lmao oh well.”

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