Susanna Reid: GMB host said a date IGNORED her after she revealed personal news

Susanna Reid, 48, first began to not drink alcohol last year after a check-up with her doctor.

And the star is still sticking with her sober stance, but it didn’t go down well with a date.

The Good Morning Britain presenter revealed she was due to go out with someone, but the person ditched her after she told him she doesn’t drink alcohol.

As Daily Mail’s new columnist, Susanna revealed “Someone — he’ll be anonymous — and I were setting up arrangements for a date.

It just ceased to be

Susanna Reid

“I thought it might be good manners to mention the fact I don’t drink, because most people do like to drink on a date.

“And, just like that, he stopped making arrangements. It just ceased to be. A lot of people just think you’ll be no fun on a night out.”

Susanna explained she didn’t enjoy the feeling from hangovers she would experience after a boozy evening.

She said: “It was a sort of fizzing feeling, when you can’t find peace, your body is just so agitated.

“I never drank when I was working, but, on nights off, I’d have a couple of glasses of wine.

“And Piers and I would have these big nights out at the Groucho Club in Soho, which were wonderful.

“But I haven’t done one of those since I stopped drinking. Basically, I’m a lot less fun now — as Piers tells me all the time.”

The mother-of-three had ditched alcohol from her diet after receiving a health warning from the doctor last year.

The TV star was told she had a “top heavy” BMI (body mass index) and was advised to lose some weight.

Explaining her reason for dropping the pounds, Susanna told ITV viewers: “It was a combination of factors, but a doctor said I was at the top end of my BMI.

“He said it might benefit me if I lost a little weight.”

Meanwhile, Piers recently spoke about his and Susanna’s friendship in an interview with Daily Mail’s Event Magazine.

Piers joked about their “sexual tension” and said: “What it is, is a forcibly arranged marriage.

“You spend hours together every day, you have to put up with each other, agree, disagree and bicker but you have none of the benefits of a marriage and none of the marital ways of relieving the tension.”

Susanna moaned: “Oh please, not the sexual tension AGAIN.”

Piers added: “Well if we were both single we’d be at it like stoats in a sack.”

Susanna shut him down and responded: “With other people, of course.”

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