Supplement Your Traveling Plans with a Second Language Through Babbel

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You’ve put off your travel plans for over a year, but it’s time to pick it up again … and with that, the languages of the world as well.

Babbel‘s the #1 selling language-learning app, and can help you learn a second (or third, or even 4th) language in just 3 weeks! You can choose from 14 different languages, including Italian, Spanish, German, French, Danish … and more.

Its lessons are built by a team of over 150 language experts and voiced by native speakers. Plus, Babbel focuses on teaching you keywords and phrases you’ll actually use … as opposed to random vocabulary words that won’t really come in handy when you’re trying to ask someone where the nearest loo is.

With Babbel, you’ll learn essential words and phrases that will help you engage in conversations and chat with locals. Thanks to Babbel’s bite-sized lessons, you’ll soon feel confident speaking the language at home and in a foreign country!

For a limited time, you can get 55% off your subscription to Babbel. Snap up this must-buy language app and prepare for the vacation of a lifetime!

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