Stacey Solomon says she’s enjoying breastfeeding baby Rose after struggles with son Rex

Stacey Solomon is enjoying breastfeeding this time around with baby daughter Rose after opening up about struggling with her son Rex.

The 32 year old posted to Instagram on Saturday 30 October a photo of herself sitting stroking her daughter’s head before revealing how her breastfeeding experience has been to her followers.

“I’m enjoying feeding so much this time around and I’m so grateful, but I definitely have moments where I lose my confidence and worry if I’m doing it right,” she confessed.

“And it’s exhausting. It’s the fourth time I’ve tried to breastfeed so hopefully it brings anyone struggling some comfort that they’re all different and every experience is different and you’re never alone.”

Stacey shared a photo on Instagram Stories of a close-up shot of her daughter’s tiny hands as she displayed messages other mothers had shared with her about their breastfeeding journeys.

“The first 6 weeks is the hardest, you are doing amazing,” encouraged one follower, while another explained:

“It gets easier, we are down to 6 feeds in 24 hours and it feels like I have so much more time on my hands.”

“Once you hit 6 weeks you will honestly see a massive change in the breastfeeding, it gets easier,” assured one mother.

“God that overwhelming feeding is crazy. You got this mama! You’re doing a fantastic job!” Another parent spread support.

Stacey informed her 4.8 million followers that in sharing these experiences she has felt much better about her own journey feeding her baby daughter.

“Thank you for your feeding message they are honestly so helpful and get me through the nights,” she captioned in response to the breastfeeding messages sent to her.

In between feeds, the mother-of-four was able to enjoy a spooky day out in time for Halloween with her family as they celebrated her nephew’s birthday at World of Dinosaurs Paradise Wildlife Park.

Stacey wasn’t sure if she was going to make it while keeping up with breastfeeding duties but revealed how she made it work.

“We had a looonnngg night last night,” Stacey captioned.

“Every hour. But it was my little nephew’s special birthday outing today and I really wanted to be there, so I spent the day feeding and trying to nap in between so we could go.

“Rose was nice and full.”

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