Soapwatch with Jaci Stephen: The news no woman wants

Soapwatch with Jaci Stephen: The news no woman wants

  • In EastEnders, a pregnant Whitney panics after experiencing bleeding
  • Meanwhile in Emmerdale, a distressed Charity receives a mystery call 
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Has there ever been a woman in the history of Walford – or the world, come to that – who’s had worse luck in picking men than Whitney?

Maybe paying a visit to Kim ‘The Foxcatcher’ wouldn’t go amiss, because whatever Whitney’s doing, it really ain’t working.

Who does she turn to in a crisis? Kat, of course – the woman who recently managed to get her son held up at gunpoint and who’s shacked up with Phil ‘Corleone’ Mitchell.

Oh, she’ll be a great help. When a pregnant Whitney panics after experiencing bleeding, Kat offers to go with her to the hospital for a check-up. Sadly, the ultrasound flags up a situation with the baby.

When a pregnant Whitney (pictured, with Kat) panics after experiencing bleeding, Kat offers to go with her to the hospital for a check-up in EastEnders 

Heaven forbid that something should go right in the poor woman’s life for once.

Meanwhile, Zack is trying to help out without Whitney knowing and asks Kat to buy the buggy Whitney needs.

Where is Kat finding time to do her day job in the middle of all this? Unable to contain his secret any more, Zack tells Sam that he’s HIV positive.


EastEnders has been working with the Terrence Higgins Trust in developing Zack’s HIV story. ‘There’s still so much disinformation surrounding HIV,’ says executive producer Chris Clenshaw.

Oh, that’ll stay quiet for all of two minutes. Nothing short of chloroform could shut the walking foghorn up.

It’s a hugely important issue for the show to be tackling, and while reminding people that HIV has not gone away, it’s also important to defuse the prejudices that still exist. Sam advises Zack to be honest with Whitney and he pays a visit.

Will his apologies be enough, and will he still be there for Whitney when she reveals her news? What she needs is a drink. Oh no – she can’t.

Viewers will certainly need one. Or ten.

Denise feels flattered by a flirty Ravi when things aren’t going well with Jack. Ravi, for his part, is thrilled when Denise and Kim decide to have a night out at Walford East (last of the big partygoers).

If I were Denise I wouldn’t give up on Jack just yet, in fact I’d take a leaf out of Janine’s book in 2009 when she handcuffed him to a radiator. Surely those restraints must still be hanging around.



Who’d be a Dingle? That family is more cursed than the Kennedys. Now, it’s Charity’s turn when she’s sent into shock after receiving a mystery call (below).

As every female does in a stressful situation, she grabs a bottle of vodka (the village is like one long Smirnoff ad) to clear her head (these villagers still haven’t quite grasped how alcohol works).

Does Mack have anything to fear from the call or is there something different going on? It’s not long before we discover what’s really eating at Charity and, let’s be honest, it’s always something: she’s the All You Can Eat Buffet for problems.

On Emmerdale, Charity (pictured) is sent into shock after receiving a mystery call. She then grabs a bottle of vodka to clear her head

Having dragged Cain along for the ride, will Charity let him in on her latest secret?

There’s a bit of light relief as Bob and Bernice take on Nicola and Jimmy, both intent on buying the B&B. Jimmy can’t keep his beard under control, so how he’d manage paying guests is a mystery.

And Nicola would make Basil Fawlty look like the general manager at The Savoy. Just when it seems Nicola and Jimmy have it, Bob and Bernice persuade Eric to let them present a counter offer. But can they raise the cash?

For some inexplicable reason, Chas decides to tell Paddy that her love for Al was stronger than what she felt for him.

Blimey. That’s not just rubbing salt into the wound; it’s embedding a veritable salt mine in there.


Hope persuades Sam to con Maria into handing over Vin-Diesel, the stuffed weasel from the barber’s (pictured, with Hope), to fake a bite mark on her arm

Does Fiz lie awake at night wondering if, when she gave birth, the hospital messed up and placed a member of The Addams Family in her arms? Is there no end to Hope’s weirdness?

Closet pyromaniac, obsessed with her serial killer dad, and now she’s setting out to take revenge for Cilla the chinchilla’s murder by framing the alleged killer – Peanut.

It’s quite an ingenious plot. Hope persuades Sam to con Maria into handing over Vin-Diesel, the stuffed weasel from the barber’s, to fake a bite mark on her arm. Then she approaches Peanut and lets out a scream…

Come on, Fiz and Tyrone: the girl needs serious help! Let’s hope they don’t put Peanut to sleep because of this latest lie. Hope’s her father’s daughter all right – not so much a chip off the old block as an Everest of wood chippings.

There’s action at the Bistro as Nick and Leanne set it up for the Boozy Night event (doesn’t their imagination take your breath away?).

Damon brings his DJ kit to create the ‘right vibe’, although in that morgue of a hostelry, any vibe would be welcome.

Nick’s worried when Damon shows Sam how to use the DJ kit. Just don’t let Hope near it; she could probably transform a couple of decks and a speaker into a bomb within minutes.

Damon pulls it out of the bag

Corrie’s Leanne has been railroaded into accepting Damon as part of her and Nick’s Bistro business, though it’s hard to see how she could be this dim in not smelling a rat.

Damon all but has Pablo Escobar tattooed on his forehead. Jane Danson, who plays Leanne, says she was suspicious at first, but ‘she’s started to warm to him a bit in a work capacity’ when he ‘pulls it out of the bag’ at the Boozy Night event.

The only thing he pulls out of any bag is a packet of cocaine. 

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