‘Side Hustle’ Crossover ‘When Worlds Collide’ Gets New Teaser – Watch Now!

The official promo trailer for the upcoming Nickelodeon crossover event “When Worlds Collide” is here!

The network dropped the teaser on Thursday (April 14), one week before the Side Hustle episode debuts.

In the event, Henry Danger villain Frankini (Frankie Grande) tracks a powerful mind-controlling device to Altoonisburg, with the goal of world domination. When he gets his hands on it, the stars of Side Hustle, Danger Force, That Girl Lay Lay, Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan and Warped! must work together to defeat him or be brainwashed forever.

Watch the new teaser inside…

Side Hustle‘s Jules LeBlanc, Jayden Bartels, Isaiah Crews, Mitchell Berg and Jacques Chevelle, Danger Force‘s Havan Flores, Terrence Little Gardenhigh, Dana Heath and Luca Luhan, That Girl Lay Lay‘s Alaya “That Girl Lay Lay” High and Gabrielle Nevaeh Green, Warped!‘s Kate Godfrey and Anton Starkman and Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan‘s Dylan “Young Dylan” Gilmer will all be in the crossover, as well as Side Hustle recurring stars Kurt Ela, Matte Martinez and Reyn Doi.

Additionally, Jules, Jayden, Lay Lay and Gabrielle will all be performing an original song, “Worlds Collide,” in the episode. The track will be released on streaming platforms on Friday, April 22.

The Side Hustle crossover “When Worlds Collide” will be airing NEXT Thursday, April 21st at 7pm ET/PT on Nickelodeon.

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