Sharon Gaffka shares breast cancer scare after finding a ‘really painful’ lump

Love Island's Sharon Gaffka has shared her breast cancer scare, following her mother's battle with the disease.

The 26 year old, who recently said there's a rift between the Love Islanders, opened on finding a "really painful" lump near her underarm so she went to the GP after the discovery.

Sharon told The Sun: "I remember feeling discomfort in my right breast between my breast and my underarm. I didn't know that that was a potential spot.

"I basically had a solid lump of tissue, and it was really painful, even just to move around in general life. I was very lucky to find that it was just it was basically like scar tissue, I've injured myself and my body was trying to fix it."

Sharon added that people assume breast cancer to be found solely in the breast tissue, as opposed to growing under the arm or in the collarbone.

Due to her mother's battle with cancer, Sharon was spurred on to see the GP due to her family history.

The 26 year old said she feels it's important to raise awareness after experiencing her own scare.

"Had it been something more sinister than it ended up being, I could have been in a lot of trouble because I couldn't spot the signs early," Sharon added.

The gorgeous Love Island star hopes her story will enable others to stop "finding it weird" checking their chests.

It comes after Sharon opened up on her terrifying experience while campaigning for victims who have had their drinks drugged.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain Sharon recalled her frightening ordeals as she called for youngsters to be taught about the effects of spiking.

"I think maybe when I was younger, pre-Covid times when I was in a nightclub, 18 year old Sharon probably wasn't as much aware of keeping my drink close to me," Sharon said.

Mortified, GMB host Susanna Reid said: "You shouldn't have to be! That's a shocking thing, isn't it? Why going to a nightclub, should it be your responsibility to make sure someone doesn't drug your drink? As a parent, I feel frightened!"

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Revealing that there was up to ten years imprisonment if caught spiking someone's drink, Sharon said that it wasn't enough as she was hoping for some more reactive legislation to be put forward rather than proactive.

"In terms of PHSE education, we're taught about Class A's and why you shouldn't take them, not about the effects of spiking and sexual assault and consent."

Richard Madeley then told Sharon: "I think you're great because you're making a difference."

Since the beginning of the year, Sharon has been gathering testimonials from victims for a spiking inquiry by a committee of MPs.

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