‘Shark Tank’ Star Robert Herjavec’s Hollywood Hills Home Burglarized — $100K In Jewelr

Say it ain’t so, Robert Herjavec!

The Shark Tank star and business mogul has just become the latest victim in the seemingly never-ending string of burglaries of high-profile homes around Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, after Herjavec’s Hollywood Hills home was broken into last weekend.

According to cops, thieves stole more than $100,000 worth of jewelry, cash, and some other high-priced items from the home after busting through a window and cleaning the place out quickly in a smash-and-grab.

To make matters worse, though, Herjavec apparently has a high-end home security system, according to TMZ… he just didn’t have it on at the time of the burglary, and so it was useless to alert police or resist the burglary attempt, as the unknown thieves took whatever they wanted.

Because the home security system wasn’t activated, cops also weren’t called to the home to investigate the break-in until Herjavec himself got home and first discovered the crime. So, the thieves had considerable lead time to make a long get-away and, potentially, get off scot-free unless the LAPD can turn up some solid evidence and promising leads from it.

Herjavec is obviously far from the only high-profile rich and famous person to be targeted in a home break-in over the past several years. Sometimes, it feels like we do a new story every single week in which some celeb’s San Fernando Valley home is broken into and tons of valuables are stolen. Ugh!!!

Thankfully, as is the case with most of these break-ins, nobody was injured in the invasion — and really, that’s all that matters. As for catching these guys, well… cops are of the mindset that there are multiple fairly high-level home invasion rings working all around the Valley and the Hollywood Hills area, and even though one such ring was stopped a while back, others are still working without having been caught… yet.

Ironically, the Shark Tank star could’ve potentially avoided the trouble here — or at least maybe gotten a better look at the robbers — had he ended up investing in Ring (then called DoorBot) when the doorbell security company made its pitch to the reality TV show’s billionaire investors a few years back (below):

What a coincidence!

Obviously, even having Ring in his investments — and potentially on his door — may not have stopped the burglary here in Herjavec’s case, but it just goes to show… pretty much every type of product known to man has come through those doors on Shark Tank, hasn’t it?!

Anyways, what do U think about this seemingly incessant string of robberies of rich & famous people around El Lay, Perezcious readers?? Are cops EVER going to get a handle on this thing, or is it completely out of their control and beyond their capabilities??

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