Saoirse Ronan Brings Up Taylor Swift’s Fight For Her Music While Discussing ‘Little Women’

Saoirse Ronan is opening up about how her new movie, Little Women, is more relevant now than ever.

During her interview on This Morning, the 25-year-old actress talked about revolutionary author Louisa May Alcott really was in her time as she fought to release her books under her own name, which is something that is still going on today, as she points out, with Taylor Swift.

“There’s such a thing right now, Taylor Swift just released an album and it’s the first album she’s ever owned…We really wanted to use this opportunity to honor this and fight for her work,” Saoirse shares.

You can see more of her interview below! Little Women opens on Christmas Day, December 25th.

Saoirse is pictured below leaving her appearance in London on Tuesday (December 17).

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