Ron Perlman Challenges Ted Cruz To A Fight That Would Benefit Black Lives Matter

Ron Perlman has issued a challenge to Ted Cruz to a fight.

It all started when Ron tweeted a picture of Jim Jordan to Rep. Matt Gaetz and wrote that he’s “lucky for this guy Matt. If it weren’t for him you’d be the ugliest politician walking.”

After seeing the tweet, Ted stood up and challenged Ron to fight the politician for $10,000.

“Listen Hellboy,” Ted wrote, referencing Ron‘s role in the movies. “You talk good game when you’ve got Hollywood makeup & stuntmen. But I’ll bet $10k—to the nonpolitical charity of your choice—that you couldn’t last 5 min in the wrestling ring w/ @Jim_Jordan w/o getting pinned. You up for it? Or does your publicist say too risky?”

Ron then issued his own fight challenge to Ted, pledging $50,000 to Black Lives Matter.

See what Ron‘s tweeted below to the Congressmen:

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