‘RHOA’ Star Shamea Morton Denied Entry at ‘Racist’ Restaurant Due to Her Outfit

In response to the situation, fans appear to be divided as some can not understand why the TV star keeps coming back to the place despite being denied entry twice already.

AceShowbiz -“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Shamea Morton had a not too pleasant experience when she visited a restaurant in Atlanta. The reality TV star slammed Le Bilboquet French bistro in Buckhead Atlanta for turning her away because of her attire.

Recalling the unpleasant experience, which she said took place on April 8, Shamea revealed to theJasmineBRAND that she came to the restaurant around 3 P.M. for a business meeting. She also noted that she already placed a reservation prior to that.

For the outing, Shamea claimed that she donned a fashionable matching track suit with heels. However, when she was about to enter the establishment, someone from the management told her that she wasn’t allowed entry because of her outfit. It didn’t sit well with her as she noticed that there were a lot of Caucasian people inside despite not wearing the dress-code that the restaurant allegedly has set for the guests.

In an audio recording, Shamea could be heard pointing out to a staff member named Mark that some “Caucasian” guests wore sneakers and “slides” that were among the prohibited items to wear at the restaurants. However, the staff member insisted that the rules didn’t only apply to certain people, adding that they’re only strict on slides that people would be wearing on the beach.

“This is the third time that this is happening to me and I didn’t even know why I keep coming back here. But I don’t want to make it a race thing but I can feel likt it is, at this point,” the Bravo personality said at the end of the clip.

In response to the situation, fans appeared to be divided. Some could not understand why Shamea kept coming back to the place despite being denied entry twice already. “I don’t understand smh why keep going back.. that’s just dumb….. take ur green money and spend it else where smh,” someone commented.

“If this is the 3rd time, you went 2 times too many. I’m not begging anyone to take my money,” another fan echoed the sentiment. “Did she say it’s the 3rd time that’s happened? It only takes 1 for me!!!” one person added. Some people also suggested Shamea to go to black-owned restaurants since there are plenty of them in Atlanta.

Meanwhile, some others didn’t buy the employee’s words that the incident wasn’t a race thing. “When he said ‘slides with the big Nike emblem on them’ that told us everything we needed to know regarding who they are targeting with their dress code policy,” one person noted.

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