Rebel Wilson Randomly Caught Kravis Recreating Their Engagement on Their Anniversary

Imagine looking out your hotel window and expecting a delightful beach view, only to be confronted by Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker making out in front of a giant sea of roses while some violin players lurk in the background. Because that’s pretty much what happened to Rebel Wilson yesterday!

Rebel just happened to be staying at the hotel where Travis proposed to Kourtney a year ago, and the couple also happened to be there recreating the moment for their anniversary. And yes, Rebel got pics:

Cute times, and pretty sure those are Hulu cameras capturing Kravis’ kiss—potentially for The Kardashians Season 3. Actually, speaking of Hulu, Kourtney and Travis’ engagement was captured on camera and included in the debut season of The Kardashians—and it looks like their wedding might be as well.

Reminder, these two initially got married in Las Vegas back in April (without a license), and Kourt explained to Jimmy Kimmel “Well, it’s not called fake married. There was no, like, possibility to get a marriage license at that hour….I’m like, ‘Are you guys lying?’ We asked, like, five times, ‘What do we have to do to make this happen?’ It was 2 a.m. and they were like, ‘It opens at 8 o’clock.’”

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They then got legally married in California with Kourt’s grandma MJ as a witness, and said “I do” again during an elaborate ceremony in Italy about a week later. Yep, that’s Travis’ head tattoo embroidered on the back of Kourtney’s veil, don’t even worry about it.

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Anyway, Kourt and Trav have been going strong since (and by “strong” I mean they’ve been making out at every available opportunity) and are currently dividing their time between their neighboring houses.

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