Rachel Lindsay Is "Disappointed" by Clare Crawley and Dale Moss' Messy Breakup

Feeling emotionally frustrated by Clare Crawley and Dale Moss’ recent breakup? Me too, and guess what—so is former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay. As someone who always tells it like it is, Rachel told Us Weekly she was wishing the best for both Clare and Dale and is disappointed their relationship ended so badly.

She said:

Rachel/all of us @ Clare and Dale (but mostly Dale):

Rachel also added, “It seems like Dale is all about himself. It seems like he wants to be in the spotlight…I find it a big coincidence, maybe not so much of a coincidence, that he keeps finding his way to a camera or to his Instagram Lives—get off.”

Rachel is actually good friends with Clare and said Clare’s taking time to care for herself, but she again put Dale on blast for not being transparent about his wants and needs before proposing:

Tying up her Dale criticism in a tidy bow, Rachel said Clare likely would have appreciated if Dale said things were moving too fast from the beginning. “Dale is a grown man, and that’s how he presents himself too…he said he was questioned, I think, a number of times to be on the show. And he always said, ‘No.’ So this seems like a man who does what he wants to do. I don’t think that he was pressured, I think he was performative,” she concluded.

ABC, I am once again asking…please give Rachel Lindsay her own TV show. I’d happily binge.

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