Queen Elizabeth is now selling Sandringham-branded beer & new royal-branded gin

One of the dumbest criticisms lodged against the Duke and Duchess of Sussex was that they were trying to “monetize” royalty. I still say that they were merely trademarking “Sussex Royal” so that no one else would come along and monetize it against their wishes, much like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge trademarked their titles and everything around “Kensington Royal” years ago as well. Still, the trademarks were held against Meghan and Harry specifically, like they were completely off-side for suggesting there was a possibility they could ever have Sussex Royal-branded merch. Well, fun story. Queen Elizabeth now has Sandringham-branded gin AND beer.

Queen Elizabeth may soon be responsible for your bar tab! Buckingham Palace has confirmed to PEOPLE that the 95-year-old monarch has approved the sale of a range of beer brewed from plants grown on her Sandringham estate in Norfolk. Sold at the Sandringham gift shop at $5.50 for a 500ml bottle, the beers come in two varieties: a cold-filtered, traditional English “bitter” and a stronger Golden IPA described by the gift shop as “uniquely natural.” Produced locally by Barsham Brewery in Norfolk using organic Laureate Spring barley grown on Sandringham’s rolling farmland, the bottles bear the Sandringham name alongside pictures of a hare and a pheasant.

“Made in the UK for the Sandringham Estate,” according to the label. “The Sandringham Estate is a wildlife haven for Pheasants, Hares, Owls and many other species thrive in the wood and farmland habitats.”

This isn’t the first time that the Queen has turned her hand to producing alcohol. Sandringham’s gift shop already sells its own Celebration Gin, which is made in a distillery on the estate. In 2020, Buckingham Palace also launched its very own gin made from ingredients found in the backyard of the Queen’s London home.

On Tuesday, they added to this with the release of a new variety of gin distilled using the classic Buckingham Palace gin mixed with “hand-picked whole sloe berries,” says a release from the Royal Collection Trust charity, which organizes the opening of the main royal palaces and their accompanying stores to the public.

Priced at $41 a bottle, the addition of the hand-picked fruits — which grow on Blackthorn bushes in the U.K. — gives the gin “a unique and intense fruit flavor,” adds the release.

The Trust will use the proceeds of the sloe gin to help preserve the Queen’s extensive art collection. It also recommends that the royal tipple is served by pouring a measure of sloe gin into a fluted glass, then topping it up with “champagne or sparkling wine and garnish with fresh berries or orange peel.” There’s just one small snag for U.S. gin-lovers: the “light ruby color” liquor is currently only available in the U.K.

[From People]

Oh no, the gin is being promoted by the ROYAL Collection Trust? And it’s being sold for actually MONEY, money which will be used to “preserve the Queen’s extensive art collection”? Well I never! HOW GAUCHE! How tacky! I assume all of the royal reporters are up in arms about how dreadful it is that the Queen is monetizing the Crown in such a disgusting and cheesy way. I assume that there are twenty Daily Mail headlines demanding that the Queen donate the proceeds of this tacky, gin-soaked endeavor to CHARITY? What’s that? You’re sh-tting me, none of that is happening?

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