Queen Elizabeth Is in "Very Good Form" Amid Her Recent Health Issues, According to Boris Johnson

If you’ve been obsessively following reports about the Queen’s health, then, first of all, emphatic same, and second, we have an update for you: She’s currently in “very good form,” apparently.

This update on the Queen’s current state is brought to us by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who recently spoke with the monarch.

“I spoke to Her Majesty and she’s on very good form,” according to reports from Reuters and The Guardian. “She’s just got to follow the advice of her doctors and get some rest and I think that’s the important thing. I think the whole country wishes her well.”

Johnson’s update comes on the heels of news that the Queen’s doctors have advised her to rest up for the next two weeks—minimum.

Taking a rest is a pretty big deal for the Queen, who is a notorious workaholic and had jumped back into royal engagements this year when COVID restrictions allowed. The last few weeks have brought several concerning reports about the monarch’s health though, including news that she was briefly hospitalized and that her doctors had recommended that she give up alcohol for health reasons.

We’re happy to hear any positive reports about the Queen’s health (always a true thing, but especially rn) and hope she stays in “very good form” for several more years (/forever if science can just crack immortality and make her Forever Queen).

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