Prince William & Kate Middleton Wish Meghan Markle A VERY Basic Happy Birthday – LOOK!

Extending an olive branch? Or just trying to save face??

Prince William and Kate Middleton took the time out of their day to pen a public message to Meghan Markle on her 41st birthday on Thursday. And while it wasn’t very heartfelt, at least it was something, right?! Taking to social media with a photo of Prince Harry’s wife in the white dress and hat she wore during Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee ceremony in June (the last time the family saw her in person), the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wrote:

“Wishing a happy birthday to The Duchess of Sussex!”

Short and sweet!

Though considering they’re still seemingly beefing with Meghan and Harry, it feels like a miracle the couple approved the post! Take a look at the upload (below).

They weren’t the only royals to wish the Cali native a happy b-day amid the famous family’s ongoing feud. Harry’s dad Prince Charles and his wife Camilla also posted a similar photo and message, writing:

“Happy birthday to The Duchess of Sussex!

Wow! Pretty unexpected posts, all things considered, but we suppose it’s better than the royals completely ignoring her big day! Do you think they’re trying to make nice before Harry finalizes his book?! Seems likely! Either way, here’s to a wonderful birthday, Meghan!!

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