Prince Harry Has Talked to Prince William & Prince Charles, No One Has Reached Out to Meghan Markle Since Oprah Winfrey Interview

Gayle King has revealed some insider information about Prince Harry and his family after Oprah with Meghan and Harry, the bombshell interview given by the couple.

If you don’t know, Gayle is good friends with Oprah Winfrey, who conducted the interview with the pair.

On CBS This Morning, Gayle revealed, “Well, I’m not trying to break news, but I did actually call them to see how they were feeling, and it’s true, Harry has talked to his brother and he has talked to his father, too. The word I was given was that those conversations were not productive. But they are glad that they have at least started a conversation.”

“And I think what is still upsetting to them is the Palace keep saying they want to work it out privately, but yet, they believe these false stories are coming out that are very disparaging against Meghan, still,” she added.

“No one in the Royal Family has talked to Meghan yet, at this particular time. And I think it’s frustrating for them to see that it’s a racial conversation about the Royal Family when all they wanted all along was for the royals to intervene and tell the press to stop with the unfair, inaccurate, false stories that definitely have a racial slant,” Gayle added. “And until you can acknowledge that, I think it’s going to be hard to move forward. But they both want to move forward with this and they both want healing in this family. At the end of the day, that is Harry’s family.”

She said, “The bullying thing was raised in 2018 and now there’s an ongoing investigation about bullying from Meghan Markle, when anyone who has worked with her will tell you exactly who she is.”

“You know, she’s really a very sweet, caring person. And as I say, Meghan has documents to back up everything that she said on Oprah’s interview. Everything,” she confirmed.

During the bombshell tell-all, Prince Harry indicated his relationship with his father was strained. He also spoke about the current state of his relationship with Prince William.

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