‘Playboy’ Model Joy Corrigan Topples Out Of Tiny Bikini In Steamy Photo

Playboy model Joy Corrigan is captivating her online admirers yet again by posting a racy bikini photo.

On Thursday, December 13, Joy Corrigan took to her Instagram account to share a brand new sexy bikini snapshot, which was taken at a beach setting.

In the photo, Corrigan is seen rocking a red and white two-piece bathing suit, which showcases her toned abs, flat tummy, and ample cleavage. The high-waisted bikini bottoms hit her navel, as her tight top has her chest popping out.

Joy’s long and lean legs are on full display in the photograph, as well as her toned and tanned arms. The Playboy vixen dons some chunky bracelets on her wrist, as well as large hoop earrings for the picture.

In the caption of the post, Corrigan goes on to send a serious message about ocean pollution and how it is killing sea life such as dolphins and porpoises, as well as the seabirds who flock around the shore. The model goes on to beg her followers to remember to recycle and to be sure to pick up and dispose of all of their trash at the beach, and everywhere else, properly.

“Lets stand up and make a change,” she writes.

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This breaks my heart ????????????????????Over one million seabirds are killed by ocean pollution each year. Three hundred thousand dolphins and porpoises die each year as a result of becoming entangled in discarded fishing nets, among other items. One hundred thousand sea mammals are killed in the ocean by pollution each year. Let’s stand up and make a change! ????????????????✨If you guys want to help here are some simple way to start: – Any time you see litter, regardless of what it is, pick it up and properly dispose of it. Remember: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Reduce your usage of single-use plastics. Reuse plastic packaging as many times as you can. Recycle rather than throw away! ♻️ ???????????? Photo cred: @marionsealy Thank you @shirleypeartans For my amazing sun kissed tan! Until next time Miami! ????????‍♀️????????????Where should I travel next?

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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Joy Corrigan recently opened up to Maxim about what she looks for in a guy, and it seems that she is attracted to talented and intelligent guys.

“I’m really attracted to a guy who can make me laugh, play an instrument or beat me in chess. Family is also very important to me, so if he has strong family values, he’s a keeper. For me healthy equals sexy, so a guy who takes care of his body by eating healthy and working out is super attractive,” Joy stated.

Corrigan also reveals that when she’s in a relationship she loves to connect with her partner by competing with him. The Playboy model says that she likes to play a game of chess, have a cook-off, or even box with her beau.

While says she feels the sexiest after she puts in some serious time at the gym for a work out, and has had a shower, she also shares her secret to achieve the perfect selfie, claiming that the trick is to pretend that you’re looking at a guy that you really like in order to get the right facial expression.

Fans can keep up with Joy Corrigan via Instagram.

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