Pissed Harvard Grads Allegedly Alerted The School To Blac Chyna’s Scheme — Details HERE!

Blac Chyna‘s apparent Harvard Online Business School scam may have flown undetected and under the radar had it not been for a slew of irate Harvard alums who contacted the school about it after she first made her announcement this week!

Apparently, when outlets like ours started reporting that Chyna had been accepted into a cohort to study business analytics in an online course at Harvard this year, real alums of the actual university reached out to the school for clarification — and that’s when the school realized her acceptance letter didn’t come from them.

Apparently, the online business school itself has long been a point of contention for alums who went to the real university, as they see the online students as fakes who are getting a piece of the Harvard education for none of the price/the real work put in… and the high-profile acceptance of a reality TV star like Blac Chyna was the final straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak.

Calls from alums demanding the school stop admitting everybody and stop damaging their rep led to Harvard’s investigation into Chyna’s acceptance, which they quickly realized wasn’t even real! As the school has noted this week, no person named Angela White was ever accepted into their online business school, so Chyna’s “letter” was obviously a fake. Further investigation by Harvard confirmed that Chyna has apparently not enrolled in the class, so its unclear whether she was duped into posting the letter, or she knew there was a scam afoot.

As we’ve been reporting, a social media/PR firm had been pitching a scam to celebs and influencers about paying them to “take courses” on the celebrity’s behalf at the online school, and while Chyna was pitched the scam, she denied using their services for the class — though it’s unclear if she they produced that phony acceptance letter, or they did and sent it to her, or something.

So crazy to think that there are companies out there that do things like this! And people want status so much that they’ll take ’em up on their scammy offers… insane!!!!

Either way, while Chyna’s actions may not be illegal like Lori Loughlin‘s alleged behavior, these are two major college scandals that look BAD for both celebs involved… Yikes!!

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