Piers Morgan uncovers reason for health woes after ongoing symptoms

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Piers Morgan, 57, shared he has been suffering from “hay fever” like symptoms for three years. The former Good Morning Britain host uncovered that air pollution where he lives has exacerbated his condition.

Writing on Twitter today, he typed: “After three years of thinking I’d developed worsening hay fever, I’ve finally solved the mystery: air pollution.”

He continued: “I live in one of the UK’s worst polluted areas – Kensington/Chelsea – and when air quality’s v bad, like last week, I feel rough.

“When it’s OK, like now, I’m fine. Anyone else?” (sic)

It did not take long for his millions of followers to share their experiences with poor air quality in the UK’s capital city.


While @MoAImam added: “Same; vehicles throw up dust into air. This mixes the pollen and makes it airborne + pollen increases sensitivity as it sticks to pollution particles again, increasing the effect it has; plus nitrogen dioxide that could be damaging to the lungs and throat, making it worse.” (sic).

@Mattman1272 typed: “Maybe you’ll appreciate why Sadiq Khan wants ULEZ. I don’t agree with the way he went about it but he’s at least trying to do something. Poor air quality is affecting millions of people in London, not least children.”

Piers later added: “My local chemist said I was being ‘Kensington pollution bombed’ when I explained symptoms, which worsen when I return from overseas trips, and he was right.”

One of his followers, @maodiiz responded: “Piers did you manage to fix your loss of taste and smell?”

The TV personality shared: “Yes, but took 8 months. Long covid’s a b***h.” (sic)

Sharing a photo of himself in May last year with his personal trainer, Olympian Sarah Lindsay, the presenter wrote: “Back in the gym game for the first time in nearly a year. (Thanks, Long Covid, you will be very un-sorely missed).”

It turns out the host had caught coronavirus in July 2021 and had suffered for months following it.

Sarah shared the photo too, captioning it: “I can’t believe torturing Piers Morgan is my actual job. Finally fully recovered from Long Covid, he was back smashing the weights again.”

While Piers has been absent from the gym for the past 12 months, he has been working hard on his Peloton at home, and prior to having covid, the star used to regularly work out with Sarah.

Piers expressed that he suffered from multiple symptoms, “This includes a strong fever, violent coughing, chills and sneezing fits.”

The symptoms continued for months that followed. Amidst the lack of smell and taste for that length of time, what seemed to affect him most was the “endless fatigue”, which he said was “really debilitating”.

He told Express.co.uk: “The most frustrated I have ever been in that I got long Covid last year after I got the Delta variant.

“I had a week of really bad illness and then six, seven months of long Covid.

“No taste, no smell, endless fatigue, no energy. Which for me was the worst thing.”

Comparing the effects of the virus to past ailments such as breaking his ankle, Piers said that over time the inability to be able to do things he wanted was “depressing”.

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