Piers Morgan issues warning as wife Celia shares swimsuit pic with ‘pool boy wanted’ sign

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Piers Morgan, 57, has taken to Instagram to issue a humorous warning after his wife Celia Walden, 46, shared a snap with her 52,800 followers. She posted a picture of herself lounging on the side of a pool with a sign below. 

The sign read: “Wanted: Pool boy needed. No experience required.”

It didn’t take long before husband Piers jumped on to the comment section to have a laugh at his wife’s expense. 

He wrote: “Warning to applicants: like the pool, HIGH MAINTENANCE.”

Celia was dressed in a black swimsuit and dark shades as she rested poolside.

The couple have been married since 2010 and have been happily loved up the whole time.

However, Celia recently opened up about how she took a six-week hiatus from her husband. 

Because they spent so much time together during the pandemic, she decided to take a “marriage sabbatical”. 

In a column she recently wrote, Celia explained it was the longest time they had spent apart in years. 

She assured readers that there were no problems with the marriage, but they simply decided to give each other some space.

Celia believed it could be an essential part of maintaining a happy home life. 

However in a very frank Instagram post on Wednesday, the mum-of-one said she had regrets about writing the column. 

Writing about her and Piers’ time apart, Celia wrote: “I’ve just come to the end of a six-week marriage sabbatical – as in, six weeks away from my husband and marriage.

“It’s the longest we’ve spent apart since the start of the pandemic. 

“In fact, I don’t think we’ve spent more than a couple of nights apart for over two years, and he’ll agree with me when I say: every married couple (who has lived through three lockdowns) should do this.

“There was nothing wrong. We weren’t glitching.”

She explained it wasn’t “natural” for couples to spend “every waking minute” together. 

In her column for The Telegraph, she reminded couples to carry out the sabbatical “safely”. 

Piers and Celia have since reunited following their marriage sabbatical.

However, she playfully admitted to her 52,800 followers that she wished she hadn’t shared so much. 

Sharing a screenshot of the article, she captioned the post: “Seemed like a great idea when I was writing this. Less so this morning at breakfast.”

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