Piers Morgan confused Dylan McDermott for David Schwimmer in Oscars blunder

Piers Morgan admitted he suffered an embarrassing blunder while attending the glitzy Oscars in Hollywood last weekend.

The outspoken TV presenter, 54, mistakenly spent five minutes congratulating American Horror Story's Dylan McDermott after confusing him with Friends star David Schwimmer.

The Good Morning Britain star recalled his 'mortifying' blunder in The Mail on Sunday's Event column where he apologised for his experience of mistaken identity.

The controversial TV star admitted he was convinced he was talking to Friends icon David, 53, at the star-studded event but his wife shockingly told him he was talking to a different actor after the awkward chat.

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According to the Mail, Piers recalled congratulating 'David' over a reported 'one-off special of the hit US sitcom and a £3million pay cheque for each of it's six stars.'

Referring to the rumoured Friends reunion, Piers said he shook hands with the actor, saying: "Congrats!" but admitted he looked puzzled.

Piers recalled saying: "What an amazing deal… have you worked out how much it is per second yet?"

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The 54-year-old presenter awkwardly said he didn't recognise Dylan's confusion as he said no while Piers continued to mistake him for David Schwimmer.

Piers finished his conversation with American Horror Story's Dylan, 58, saying: "Well good luck with it – the whole world’s going to explode when you guys get back together."

The Brit TV star admitted he was confused by Dylan's bemused expression before his wife Celia Walden told him he wasn't speaking to Friends legend David but fellow actor Dylan.

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Piers embarrassingly shared a snap of the awkward article revealing his celebrity mishap on Sunday night.

He publicly apologised to actor Dylan for misidentifying him.

The humiliated star wrote: "Mortifying…. I can only apologise."

He also described how he told Minnie Driver and Dame Joan Collins about his blunder in which they agreed Dylan looked like David, as Piers admitted he spent 'five minutes congratulating him on the Friends reunion.'

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Piers, who flew to LA to present a live three-hour Good Morning Britain special after the Academy Awards finished, admitted he dismissed the Oscars as he was focused on his recent award.

The fiery presenter revealed he had scooped the "Secret Crush" awards for the second year in a row after beating Prince Harry, Phillip Schofield, Ant and Dec, Alan Sugar, Joe Goldberg, Boris Johnson and Jake Wood.

Piers was delighted to find out that his nemesis Alan Sugar landed at the bottom of the list at number 25.

Piers' trip to LA comes after the star pulled out all the stops and flew first class to Hollywood while his co-host Susanna opted to "sit at the back of the plane in economy" on their way to the Oscars.

Taking to Instagram last week, Piers shared his lavish journey with fans, teasing how close he was to the front of the plane.

He wrote: "Any nearer the front, I'd be flying it. Take me to Hollywood, @british_airways – the Oscars await!"

Meanwhile, Susanna was "sitting further down the plane" than Piers, who made the joke on Good Morning Britain.

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