Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard Calls Eddie Vedder His ‘Muse’

In a recent interview with Kerrang!, Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard called Eddie Vedder, his “muse,” as the ace musician constantly inspired him with his ideas.

“‘If there’s one thing he’s got, its ideas,'” he said. “‘More ideas, here they come, ladies and gentlemen!'”

Stone said he conceived all his songs for Vedder, keeping the star’s ear canals as the final destination.

“I write every song for Eddie, ultimately,” he said. “He’s my muse. I would love to write 50 songs a year with him, but it’s just not on the cards; it just doesn’t work like that for him. I can write all the time. The way Ed really operates, the way that he loves to get music, is for something that’s immediate for you coming in at a time when he’s ready to connect with it. He likes to be in the process with you. So, if I send him 30 ideas, it’s just too much information for him to manage; that’s just not how his brain works.”

“I’ve written plenty of songs that he didn’t necessarily respond to and for him to go, ‘That’s the one I want to do’? I couldn’t have been happier,” Stone continued.

“If I was ever frustrated, all of that went out the window because of him picking, really, the most personal and most ‘me’ song on the record. He’s our leader. If you have one great moment on a record, you’re like, ‘Got it!'”

(Photo: Dan Muller)

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