Paris says late father Michael Jackson had a ‘good heart’

Paris says late father Michael Jackson had a ‘good heart’ and she’s thinking about ‘the bigger picture’ after Leaving Neverland documentary airs

Paris Jackson has defended her late father Michael Jackson, after he was accused of child abuse in the new Leaving Neverland documentary.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday, she referred to his ‘good heart’ and said she was thinking about ‘the bigger picture’.

Having previously tweeted advising her fans to be ‘calm’, she returned to the social media site to share her thoughts more fully. 

Paris says late father Michael Jackson had a ‘good heart’ and she’s thinking about ‘the bigger picture’ after Leaving Neverland documentary airs; she is seen in 

The 20-year-old wrote: ‘I didn’t mean to offend by expressing that t***ies should be calm, i know injustices are frustrating and it’s easy to get worked up. but reacting with a calm mind usually is more logical than acting out of rage and also…. it feels better to mellow out.

‘Smoke some weed n think about the bigger picture. chillax my dudes.’

An angered Michael Jackson fan replied: ‘The bigger picture is your father’s legacy ruined and his name smeared forever but whatever though.

‘They want to tear his name down and stop playing his music but it’s cool like who cares that he died for this.’

‘It’s not possible to tear his name down’: Paris engaged with fans on social media where she  defended her father’s name

Paris then penned: ‘Yeah they do that to everyone with a good heart and tries to make a difference but do you really think that it’s possible to tear his name down? like do you truly believe they stand a chance ? relax and have peace.’

The day before, Paris responded to reports that she’s worried about the film and allegations affecting her fledgling career. 

‘I actually haven’t made any statements yet, especially regarding how it affects my work life. you guys are reaching a bit. 

‘At least this wasn’t a disgusting and attacking article though,’ Paris said in a now-deleted tweet.

Parent and child: The two on a trip to London in 2005; Paris was just 11 when she lost her father

She then added a tweet that read, ‘ya’ll take my life more seriously than I do.’  

Sources have said that Paris firmly believes her father never abused children but has not watched the new documentary in which two of his accusers speak out.

She was just 11 when her father passed away in 2009 aged 50, following acute propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication. 

Leaving Neverland features emotional testimony from Wade Robson and James Safechuck who allege Michael raped them for years as children. It has caused bitter reaction from both critics and fans of Michael. 

Paris’s extended family have claimed Michael Jackson was ‘naive’ about children but wasn’t an abuser. 

Model beauty: Paris is seen at the Versave show during New York Fashion Week in December

The late King of Pop’s siblings, Tito, Marlon and Jackie Jackson, and his nephew Taj spoke out on CBS This Morning.

Tito’s son Taj, 45, claimed that the family do not wish to ‘put more energy’ into the claims against their late relative – who died in 2009 – because they don’t want to draw any more attention to the documentary. 

Taj said: ‘There’s a fear to put more energy to it and more eyeballs to it. ‘That’s why Janet (his aunt) hasn’t said anything, because she doesn’t want to make it any bigger.’

The siblings stated that they know the Thriller hitmaker was not a sexual predator and accused the documentary of spinning lies. 

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