Paddy McGuinness’ children still do not know of their parents’ split

Christine McGuiness, 34, shocked many last year when she announced that she and Paddy, 49, were separating last July after having three children together. In a new interview, Christine admitted her children do not know about the marriage ending, and instead shielded the children in the hope to bring them up in a “happy” stable home.

Christine and Paddy share twins Penelope and Leo, nine, and Felicity, six, who all have autism.

The former couple has been open about their journey with autism, making a documentary about it with the BBC last year.

However, despite ending their marriage in July, Christine has said she still lives with Paddy in their family home, with the children also not knowing of the split.

She said to Woman’s Own magazine: “The children don’t know any different and they’re growing up in a happy and loving home – I just want it to continue like that.

“We don’t know what the future holds but right now it works.

“The thought of eventually co-parenting in separate houses is something I’m going to really struggle with.”

The recent interview comes after Christine admitted she stayed in her marriage to Paddy because it felt “safe” at the time, due to “not liking change”.

Speaking in her BBC documentary Unmasking My Autism, Christine said she felt safe when she met the presenter when she was 19, not knowing her own autism diagnosis at the time.

She explains on the show: “My relationships before I met Patrick were not very good. I’d say they were pretty bad experiences.

“Before Patrick, I had been sexually abused, I was raped. I used to pray every night that I wouldn’t wake up in the morning because it was so awful.

“When I met my husband that was a time when I was very safe and I wonder if that’s why I stayed.

“I know that I’ve stayed in a place where I was probably unhappy because it was safe and I don’t like change.”

This comes after Christine revealed earlier this month she would be bringing out her own BBC documentary charting her own diagnosis, not her children’s.

She wrote on Instagram: “Finally I can give you a date! My new documentary… Christine McGuinness: unmasking my autism, 15th March on @bbc @bbciplayer.

“I’m excited, nervous and proud to present this incredible short film that I truly hope and believe will help thousands of autistics feel understood, recognised and valued.”

Christine previously appeared in a programme alongside Paddy focused on their three children and their autism diagnosis.

The estranged couple were also nominated for a National Television Award with their first short film, Our Family and Autism.

Paddy and Christine announced their split with a joint statement on Instagram in July last year, telling their fans they would be co-parenting their children.

The statement read: “We hadn’t planned on sharing this publicly until we were ready but after the lack of privacy surrounding our personal life, we feel left with no other option but to clarify.

“A while ago we took the difficult decision to separate but our main focus as always is to continue loving and supporting our children.

“This was not an easy decision to make but we’re moving forward as the best parents we can be for our three beautiful children. We’ll always be a loving family, we still have a great relationship and still live happily in our family home together.

“We hope this now draws a line under any more unwanted and unnecessary intrusion into our private life.

“Although we work in the public eye we ask kindly if you could respect our wishes for privacy on this matter. We’ll be making no further comment.”

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