NYC Rapper Nas Blixky Denies Getting Shot in the Head During Near-Fatal Shooting in Brooklyn

In a new interview, the aspiring rapper sets the record straight that he ‘never got shot’ in his head and reveals that he ‘got shot three times’ in his back and leg.

AceShowbiz -Aspiring rapper Nas Blixky is setting the record straight. The New York City-based hip-hop artist has denied rumors about him getting shot in the head during a near-fatal shooting in Brooklyn.

In a new interview with Fucious TV published on Tuesday, March 1, the 22-year-old rapper revealed that he “never got shot in [his] head.” He recalled, “I don’t really talk about it, but I’m gonna give you a long story short. I just dropped off my little one, and I stopped in the store to get something, you feel me? As I come out the store I get ambushed … I’ll keep it G with you. I thought I was gonna die.”

“Does it look like I got shot in my head? I never got shot in my head,” Blixky, whose real name is Nasir Fisher, continued. “I got shot three times, my back and my leg,” he explained, before shutting down the false rumors about his death. “They can suck my d**k, because they just [made] my publicity sky rocket … I’m the king of this s**t,” he stated.

When asked if the shooting was linked to his PG-16 diss track, Blixky claimed that the shooting was solely due to jealousy and that the record had nothing to do with it. “I f**k all these n***as’ b***hes. I’m the flyest,” said the “Drive the Boat” rapper.

“Sometimes I can get cocky with it, ’cause it’s the n***as that be coming at me, but sometimes I be humble with it, you feel me? ‘Cause, just like this, it can be taken from you,” Blixky explained further. He then added, “I got my cocky s**t out … now it’s time to fall back and lay low,” before stressing, “I ain’t never done dissing.”

Blixky also talked about fellow NYC rapper Nas EBK‘s diss following the shooting. At the time, EBK took to Instagram to make fun about the attack as saying, “N***a got head tapped like how?” He continued, “I thought you keep a Blixky like how!!! I hope you die n***a. Just give up, stop fighting. Matter fact somebody tell me what hospital he in. Ima go & Un [plug emoji] that s**t rn.”

In response, Blixky said in his recent interview that he doesn’t know EBK “from a hole in the hole in the wall,” before noting that he wouldn’t come with that same energy if they ever meet face to face. “If I see that n***a, I bet you he’d run for his f**kin’ life,” Blixky stressed. “Slap the s**t outta him. Trust me. No weapons, just beat the s**t out this n***a.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Blixky addressed his stepfather’s claims that he intended to change his persona, stage name and lyrical content in light of the incident. Blixky then clarified that it was just a misunderstanding and he has no plans to change his moniker.

Blixky was shot on January 27 around 9:16 A.M. at the intersection at Montgomery Street and Rogers Avenue in Brooklyn. The unknown assailant, who was wearing a black winter jacket with a fur-lined hood and white sneakers, was seen calmly walking down the street toward the intersection in surveillance footage released by the authorities.

The suspect swerved around a red car, casually pulled a gun from his coat pocket, then fired several rounds while looking over his shoulder at another pedestrian in the opposite crosswalk. The man began running shortly after shooting a few times, striking Blixky.

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