North & Penelope’s Devil Costumes Are So Freaking Adorable

The Kardashian-Jenner family is one to watch every Halloween because they always go all-out for their costumes each year. I mean, take Kylie Jenner, for example. This year, she dressed as a Playboy Bunny, Princess Ariel, and Marilyn Monroe. The makeup mogul also dressed Stormi up as her mini-me. With a feathered purple dress and a cool wig to match, Stormi won Halloween even before it officially begun by recreating her mommy’s iconic Met Gala look. Jenner preferred a more unique approach to her kid’s costume, but Kim and Kourtney Kardashian took a more classic take with their children’s Halloween costumes because North and Penelope dressed as devils. North and Penelope’s devil costumes will totally make your heart burst because they are hella adorable.

This isn’t the first time North and Penelope have coordinated their costumes to match. In 2018, North dressed as Kanye West, while Penelope dressed as Lil Pump in order to recreate the rappers’ "I Love It" music video looks. That same year, they also dressed like giant sparkling waters to mimic West and Lil Pump’s Saturday Night Live performance of "I Love It."

Now, North and Penelope have come together for another adorable matching costume idea: devils. Although they’re twinning, North and Penelope put their own spin on their costumes with North dressed as a full-on devil, while Penelope dressed as a half-devil half-angel. On Oct. 31, Kourtney shared the photo of her daughter, niece, and their friend on Instagram, along with the caption, "[Angel] or [devil]?"

OK, Stormi dressed like Kylie Jenner for Halloween, while North and Penelope dressed as devils, but what about True? Obvi, her costume is just as cute as her cousins’ outfits because she dressed like Swan Lake. I repeat: Swan Lake.

Khloé revealed her daughter’s costume a day before Halloween through Instagram. Let me tell you, Khloé took the costume reveal to another level by doing a whole photoshoot for True’s costume, which, after seeing the photos, I can totally understand why. Basically, True not only dressed like Swan Lake, but she also played by the part by taking photos near an actual lake. The set of photos look like something straight out of a fairy tale and they’re adorbs.

Khloé captioned her post, "♡ SwanLake with TuTu Halloween look 1 You know I have many more to share ♡," which hinted there was more costumes to come.

The Kardashian-Jenner family doesn’t play, y’all! They’re here to win Halloween every year.

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