No, the Duchess of Sussex wasn’t wearing a ‘mic pack’ in Windsor

During the Jubbly this year, various Daily Mail columnists and deranged royal biographers were spreading the insane conspiracy that the Duchess of Sussex “wore a microphone” underneath her Dior coat. Their theory was very specific – they claimed that when she got out of the car, she adjusted her collar in a particular way as to indicate she was making an adjustment to the mic. These people are completely bonkers. Well, the nutters are at it again. They’re currently commenting from their padded cell, “but Netflix, but Netflix” as they suggest that Meghan wore a mic pack during her last-minute outing with William and Kate on Saturday. The deranged “evidence” is a shadowy “square” in the fabric of her ensemble. A “source close to Meghan” actually bothered to say something:

Just call her Meghan Mic-le. Critics speculated that Meghan Markle had a secret microphone under her dress while greeting mourners at Windsor Castle on Saturday in the wake of Queen Elizabeth II’s death, but an insider exclusively tells Page Six the accusation is baseless.

“This is insane and actually damaging to her. Of course she was not wearing a mic,” a source close to Markle told Page Six Tuesday.

The questions came after Twitter users spotted a mysterious square-shaped crease in the former “Suits” actress’s dress as she walked beside Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate Middleton to view tributes left for the late Queen. Several people posted theories as to why Markle, 41, might be wearing a mic pack, with some suggesting she could be gathering material for her Netflix docuseries.

[From Page Six]

Do these people actually know what a mic pack looks like and how mic packs are usually worn? Even the smallest, most expensive and most elite mic packs would be more noticeable than a shadowy ripple in her dress, and most people would wear their mic packs in the small of their back anyway. Playing devil’s advocate: say Meghan did want to secretly “record” conversations with William and Kate “for Netflix.” Wouldn’t she find it a lot easier to hide a camera and microphone in a purse? Or she would wear a coat or jacket which would hide a mic pack and wiring?

I also think this is a massive case of projection – not only is the media doing too much to “surveil” the Sussexes, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Windsors and royal protection officers are surveilling them too, including monitoring them in Frogmore Cottage.

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