Nina Agdal Dons Red Bikini & Flaunts Toned Midriff On Instagram

Model Nina Agdal shared a bikini pic on Instagram and brought summer vibes as many of her fans are entering the cold, winter months. Nina posed in a red bikini with a bandana design, as she wore black sunglasses and held a giant conch shell to her right ear. She joked in the captions, “Sorry, my phone got conchfishcated, can’t talk right now”. The model looked great in the photo, as she flaunted her toned midriff on a beach with foliage and the ocean in the backdrop. Fans raved about her look and laughed at her joke, as people added their own bad puns, like “u used to call me on ur shell phone” and “I hope you are not shell shocked!!!”

Agdal’s Instagram Stories also gave fans more sneak peeks at her tropical getaway, as videos showed her hotel’s pool and the short walk to a secluded beach dotted with palm trees. Meanwhile, she’s also shared a holiday-themed photo as she stood in a snowy landscape. Nina wore a white top, black skirt, shiny black tights, and boots. She held a gift in her right hand, as she put her arms around a man wearing a red suit and blue hat.

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Sorry, my phone got conchfishcated, can’t talk right now ☎️????

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And for fans who are wondering how the model looks so great all the time, she previously opened up to Health. Nina revealed that “I grew up very active, and my parents made me try every single sport there was. I would pick some of them up, but with others, I’d be like, ‘I hate it.’ So they’d say, ‘OK, let’s try something else.’”

While Agdal found that loved some sports like dancing and basketball, her current fitness routine involves something else entirely.

“I do a bunch of Y7 yoga, which is amazing because it’s dark and nobody’s judging you. I’m not very good at the meditating part of yoga, so I love that the studio has great music. When I really want to push myself, I also do Tone House. It’s athletic conditioning with a lot of body-weight movements and sprints. It’s really hard cardio. I also do boxing, which is great for everything, and I go to Equinox and do the SoulCycle thing. I always switch it up because if not, I don’t see a difference.”

Nina also recently told fans to take care of themselves “first and foremost,” as she shared a photo after she was getting her health checked out. She had a bit of a health scare, but it turned out that there was nothing to worry about. Even in that photo, the model appeared to have all of her composure, as she posed in a cameo-print jacket and her hair pulled back in a high bun.

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