Nicole Nafziger: 90 Day Fiance Star Reveals How She Tunes Out the Haters

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star Nicole Nafziger plans to return to Morocco and marry Azan.

She refuses to let hateful, negative comments from “fans” keep her down any longer.

In a new post, Nicole is sharing how she keeps a positive attitude in the face of unending adversity.

Nicole Nafziger treated her fans and followers to a gorgeous selfie showing off her new, short hair and the natural beauty of her face.

“‘Love and peace of mind do protect us,'” Nicole quotes in the caption of this photo.

“‘They allow us to overcome the problems that life hands us,'” the quote continues. “‘To survive… to live now.'”

“‘To have the courage to confront the each day,'” the quote concludes.

Nicole then attributes the inspirational words to Bernie Siegel.

(Side note: Nicole looks particularly breathtaking in this cobalt blouse and we cannot get enough of this pic)

Though Nicole received the usual barrage of negativity under her positivity post, she also received praise from fans.

“You look happy and at peace in this photo!” praises one fan. “That’s all that matters!” 

“You look so pretty!!!” another follower affirmed. “Don’t listen to the haters on this post.”

Among the haters were people telling her that she’s foolish for her continued romance with Azan.

In another recent picture, Nicole showed off what a fun and loving mom she is with her adorable daughter, May.

“Our lives have been so colorful,” Nicole gushed in the caption.

“From the beginning,” she wrote. “There have been twist and turns and you’ve been the bright shinning sun that keeps me going.”

“I know things are a little crazy now my dear,” Nicole acknowledged. “But soon it will be just right.”

Fans will be reassured that Nicole is admitting that her life is chaotic at the moment.

“I want to give you every opportunity in life and more,” she promised. “To see the world and learn the cultures.”

Translation: she hopes that her upcoming trip to Morocco will be educational for her daughter.

“Discover the world and know its beauty,” Nicole added.

“Take chances and never regret a thing,” she recommended.”

“I love you,” Nicole concluded. “And I want to give you everything”

Fans saw Nicole’s crushing disappointment on Sunday night’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

She and Azan had planned a romantic getaway to Grenada, which was apparently the only country that Azan was allowed to visit.

That fell through due to some vague “family emergency.”

This summer, Nicole plans to move to Morocco, with May in tow, transplanting herself there.

After she marries Azan, a ceremony that they’ve continued to postpone, she hopes to acquire a spousal visa so that he can live in the US with her.

Some fans have real concerns about May and her education. Where will she go to school?

Nicole assures them that things are well in hand, though a little research done by fans reveals that American schools there cost $9000 a year.

It’s unclear how the former barista with a fiance who doesn’t work plans to pay that kind of hefty tuition.

Other followers think that Azan is just trying to scam Nicole.

While some of these doubters are confused by and suspicious of Azan’s strange cancelations and excuses, others have blamed Nicole for being “gullible.”

If people would be nicer to Nicole, and find kinder ways to express their concerns if they have to send them at all, she wouldn’t need to “focus on the positive” so dang much.

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