Naughty Boy’s niece is certain he won’t quit I’m a Celeb after tough 24 hours

It's been a tough start on I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! for music producer Naughty Boy.

On Tuesday night, the star, 36, was seen telling his Clink campmates Richard Madeley, Arlene Phillips,David Ginola and Danny Miller that he felt ready to leave the show, admitting: "I do think my time here is done."

However, speaking to OK!, Naughty Boy's niece, Aisha Shaban, 23, said she's convinced her uncle will continue on the show once he finds his feet in the main camp.

Aisha, who told OK! she's extremely close to her uncle, said: "Being thrown into the clink straight away wasn’t a great start, it would have been a shock to the system.

"But he’ll get used to it. Once he goes into the main camp and starts to settle in with everyone he’ll start to feel like himself again."

Aisha added: "Everyone has mental health struggles from time to time, this is just one of them and he’ll be back to his normal self.

"He needs to stop worrying about us, what people are thinking and just worry about himself and get his head in the game!"

The star's niece also explained that her uncle is "very sensitive".

She added: "He is very sensitive and he can overthink himself into such a horrible place. He just needs reassurance.

"Even before he went in, he kept calling me and asking if he should do it or whether he was making a mistake. I kept telling him he’s fine. He’ll be back to his feet again. "

Aisha added that seeing him down on last night's episode was "hard to watch" for her family.

She explained that her uncle has been caring for his mother – her grandmother, Zahida, 67 – who has dementia for the past five years. Last night, Aisha says she tweeted from his account to say that she wishes everyone knew what he was battling on the outside.

Aisha said she hopes the public realise that it's not been easy for her uncle to leave his mother's side.

She added: "People who say things like 'he’s only been in the house a few days and he’s already had a break down' – the reality is that he was quarantining for two weeks prior to that by himself.

"Going from that and then suddenly having no contact with your family, no social media, going into the Clink and sleeping on the cold hard ground – being with people you don’t know. "

She continued: "He’s had to stay strong for so many years for my nan and he takes care of her.

"People don’t understand that this is the longest he’s gone without seeing her. Also having no contact with her when he’s used to seeing her every day.

"To suddenly have zero contact, I can’t imagine how he’s feeling."

Aisha added thats she believes Naughty Boy, who is an ambassador for Dementia UK, is feeling "overwhelmed and anxious" at the moment.

She explained: "Everyone can see he’s not a bad person. He wears his heart on his sleeve and he’s so sensitive.

"When he is overwhelmed and anxious, he lets the smallest thing get to him and I think that is what’s happened.

"I think he thinks he’d holding his team back as he hasn’t won his trials, which is probably making him overthink it all even more."

Still, along with the rest of her family, Aisha told OK! that her uncle is making them all proud and they're certain he'll be back to his usual self soon – and will continue in the camp.

She explained: "I don’t think he did all of it only for him to leave. He said to us that he’d make all of us proud and he’d go as far as he could. "

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